Rosewater Meringues

Rosewater Meringues

  • Servings: 12 Meringues
  • Difficulty: A bit tricky


3 medium egg whites
6 oz/ 175g caster sugar
2 teaspoons rosewater
1/2 teaspoon red food colouring

How to make the meringue:

Crack each egg carefully on the side of a large bowl and using the two shell halves, pass the yolk between the two, allowing the egg white to separate and drop into the bowl below. Once all the egg white has been collected in the bowl, put aside the egg yolk in a separate bowl and dispose of the shell. Do this to all three eggs.

Slowly start whisking all three egg whites and gradually pour the sugar into the bowl until they have thoroughly mixed and produce a stiff, white mixture. It should be at a consistency that allows for you to turn the bowl upside down, above your head, and it not drop. That’s a scientific method of testing there… Once you have made this mixture, add two teaspoons of rosewater and whisk in. Then, flick 1/2 teaspoon worth of red food dye into the mixture and swirl it in, ever- so- slightly.

Line a flat baking tray with baking parchment paper and using a large spoon, scoop the mixture from the bowl onto the tray, into 12 blobs. As you spoon the mixture onto the baking tray, you can twist the spoon in patterns to get the marble effect. The trick is to avoid stirring in the dye too much, otherwise you will just get a uniform pink colour throughout the entire mixture.

As all ovens vary, I hesitate to quote an exact time and temperature, although that is very unhelpful! The idea is that you are baking the meringues for a long time at a low temperature as you are effectively drying out the mixture. So if in doubt during the baking process, err on the side of caution and turn down the temperature and cook for longer.

I suggest to bake for approximately 1 1/2 hours when using a fan oven, starting at 140C, then turning the oven right down to 100C after 30 minutes. If  you have enough meringues, it’s worth having a ‘tester’ one (basically an excuse to eat one!) and crack the top and base to see how cooked the inside is. If you like the meringues to be a bit marshmallowy in the inside, then cook them for less time.

Serve with whipped cream, fruit and enjoy!

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